Minting the +15 speakers in process  ...

Why Romania?

# Very big adoption for cryptocurrencies & blockchain in general in a country

with 22 M inhabitants with one of the fastest internet infrastructures in the world!

# 96% of the adults connected to the internet have heard of cryptocurrencies, and earn

at least 1,000 EUR a month according to Ipsos Research

#Out of 10 people who heard of cryptocurrencies, 4 own some, or have owned in the past

# Elrond is the most successful Romanian crypto & blockchain project - Top 40 CMC

# Romania is the 2nd European market after the United Kingdom in terms of users

# In Romania, many projects raise $1M in less than 24 hrs in presale campaigns & more!

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Bitcoin Bucharest 2023 Conference & Expo is approaching! After a very successful 2022 first edition, we are working hard to prepare the second hybrid edition 28th of May, and third full in person edition on the 19th of September !

The first of its kind in Bucharest

Bitcoin Bucharest is already a bi-annual event, at the second edition, it is the gathering of

free minds in crypto, blockchain, web 3.0, metaverse & nft

Our first edition of the event took place at  The Marmorosch Bucharest, Autograph Collection which hosted more than 

100 years ago MarmoroschBank. For Bitcoin Bucharest 2023, the location is revealed after the registration. 

World Class Event

Finally, the vibe of professional crypto

conferences from Dubai, Miami or Malta

is coming to Bucharest

World Class Network

Rub shoulders with world-class

speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors, learn

new things, create partnerships, and

long-lasting friendships

World Class Branding

Promote your brand as a leading

brand in crypto, blockchain, web 3.0,

metaverse & nft

Registration for the Spring edition is closed! Early bird tickets available soon for the autumn edition!

There are 3 levels of tickets available:

1. Conference General Admission & Expo

2. VIP Conference Admission (lunch & VIP dinner)

3. Online Conference/ Live Streaming Admission 

The gathering of free minds in crypto,

blockchain, web 3.0, metaverse & nft

The Most Anticipated Crypto Event of 2023  is almost here - 28th of May 2023 during Bucharest Fintech & Blockchain Week Spring hybrid edition, 19th of September during Bucharest Fintech & Blockchain Week Autumn full in person edition

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We are in the process of minting  speakers & sponsors,  early-bird tickets available - limited supply!

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Media Partners

Rutger Schumer


Alexandru Stratulat 

Blockchain Architect & DLT software engineer, founder of Sourceless Blockchain

Bogdan Clipici

Chief Sales Officer and Co-founder Stailer

Meike Krautscheid 

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) & Lead Blockchain Consultant at SmartLedger

Cristian Dorobantu

Co-founder and CEO of the Leaders-Tribe project 

Kenan Koldzic

Community Manager


More to be announced soon  ...

Paulius Vaitkevičius

Legal expert in crypto, regulatory compliance & commercial law

Jean-Paul Tarud-Kuborn

Partner and co-founder of Deca4 Advisory Dubai